an heard this, the hearts of a cold, quickly turned to Yan Li said the place looked. I saw a few hundred feet away from their place, side of the bluestone wall, a distribution of milky white fluorescent channel where there. Han brow tip of a pick, and then carefully looked about one or two. This is some suddenly They are actually in a protruding platform on a cliff, and that several Jutai is in this.cliff below the look. Looking at the hole, Han did not immediately in the past, but a little thought, the sleeve fingers out of a bomb. Puff after two, the two groups flying out of the Golden Flower. After a hover, on to the two big fist golden beetles, go out to that hole lasing away. Han then sit cross legged on the ground, eyes closed without a word. Yan Li see this, know that Han is really the case of insects in the cave, immediately quietly waiting in the side. After a full meal time, suddenly Han suddenly looking a white, eyes suddenly opened his eyes jumped Microsoft Certification up. Well, there are people in the hole, and the MCP, Microsoft Specialist it exam repair is unfathomable, my spirit insects were easily won MCP, Microsoft Specialist the person, and trapped live. Han said this just one finish, an old voice of the old man from all directions resurface I said seven locks Yin matrix how a little problem. Fuchu to the guests. Two since this point, it may be a hole i

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
74-697 OEM Preinstallation Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist